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Did Your Attorney Refer You To Their Preferred Realtor?

WARNING: If your attorney refers you to an agent politely thank him or her and then interview at least two others. These sorts of referrals are usually made simply because the attorney and the agent happen to be in the same referral networking group but sometimes it's for financial reasons. 

In either case it doesn't neccesarily make their agent your best option. Did you know that your attorney must disclose if they are being paid by the agent they are referring you to?

Ultimately the decision is yours and due diligence means interviewing multiple probate trained agents over the phone or in person until you find the one that YOU are most comfortable working with. 

I've been helping folks in Southern California since 1985 and I'd like to interview for the position of selling agent. Please call me at 951.283.6858 if you'd like to learn more about myself and my services.

I Provide Two Options For Selling Your Probated Property.

Option #1

You can sell to one of my investors for ALL CASH. With this secnario you'll pay zero real estate commissions and make zero repairs. This is fastest and easiest way to sell. If your property qualifies you will normally recieve a written offer for review by the estate within 72 hours of contract.

Once the offer is accepted by the estate I handle all the arrangments and paperwork with a local Title company for an insured sale and closing.

Option #2

I will find motivated and qualified retail buyer(s) for your probated property who are willing to pay the current retail price for the property. Allow 30 to 60 days in the current market conditions.

In most cases you can expect an additional 25% to 35% more money when selling this route; even after all of the sellers fees are paid including real estate commissions and other closing costs.

Contact me at the number below or send me a message in the box above including the property address and I'll provide you with both prices on the property so you'll know which option is best for the estates situation.

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